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Analysis of the Torus Experiment

Having done the experiment, you've discovered that something interesting happend when you arrested the process of becoming - especially when you did it on the fourth phase where you are less in control of events than you are when your lungs are full.

You quickly became more observant. Then you became urgent. Your entire system insisted on resumption of the breathing cycle long before you got to 20. You wanted to breathe in. You really understood the meaning of the word desire. By the time you got to 20 (if you did) there was nothing in the entire world you wanted more than to breathe in again.

So when you think of the coming together phase, associate it with words like desire, wanting, love.

When you finally did take that deep breath again, there was a sincere and deep pleasure involved in the coming together of oxygen and your need for it. Your feeling, just as the air rushed into your longs was a good example of the meaning of the word Joy.

So you might want to think of the weaving together process as Joy.

As you exhaled again your joyous system felt satisfaction - peace.

So, for now, equate the unfurling of your responses into the surrounding world as peace.

You probably did not even notice the interval between exhaling and inhaling once you started breathing normally again. Only my mentioning it now draws your attention to the fact that there is a shift between breathing out and breathing in again. A brief delay. But this delay has no significance because you are perfectly confident you will inhale again, exhale again, with great competence. When all is going well, your expectations are in harmony with your experiences.

So consider the observer phase as the feeling of harmony, knowing you are achieving the desired results.

The desired results?

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