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This Magic Sea

The creatures of Sea challenge you to understand their Thread of Awareness from the viewpoint of each phrase, and as a threaded message connecting all the phrases.

Each phrase hides treasures, click on them to follow the thread deeper into This Magic Sea.

  Contents                                                                                                Definitions


We voyage This Magic Seabound for destinationsof knowledge and understanding


A Chambered Nautilus, Click to join the Moira as we capture Nautilus in Palau

Beyond horizons of perceptions

we discover what wecan not see or touch
but know only by its behavior.

We alter our field of perception
become new patterns of behavior.

We lengthen our interval of awareness
perceive new levels of change.





A flame scallop, swimming by clapping its valves together, jetting water out of its siphons.


We appear

as we learn

To Be, To Change, To Have Direction

is one intercommunication

Within This Magic Sea

We are the thread of awareness in chaos.

We are a crystal memory in a Magic Sea.



We are the image at the focus of awarenessas sunlight flows through the lens of mind.

We are life and life is thought made visible



We are a web of communications

clustered into focal points of I Am.

We appear

as information flows

through the webs of communications.





We are the dance of sunlight with the elements of Sea.

We are one acting as many, We are many acting as one


Each one a single awareness

perceiving, remembering, responding

seeking survival



One, divided again and again

into many focal points of learning

Our constant change in relative position

creates error in expected cycles.

When the unexpected happens

memory fails

Awareness awakens

adjusts for survival

adjusts again

always tracking

The error of expectations.





A squid hovers in the night sea, its luminescent organs glowing.



Distortion of expected cycles by constant change

is the error of expectations

this is awareness







Mind is what awareness does to change with change and thus survive.

Mind is perception, memory, response.




Sea shells, like this micro-mollusk, are the creations of the mind of the mollusk, each tiny detail recording another moment of life in the sea.





Perception, Memory, Response

Focus sunlight and sea

to form our crystal skeleton

Within This Magic Sea.






Each one of us knows awareness at our own interval of change


But we change together on many levels at intervals too fast, too slow, for any one to know.

Consciousness is communication between concepts existing within the same interval of awareness.


A small goby hovers off a projection from a coral cave wall. Golden Tubeastrea and orange fire coral filter the sea.


Consciousness creates and is created by patterns of awareness who guide us.









Textile cones, Conus textile - can fire a harpoon with a potent venom.



Evolution is To Be Changing in a direction as awareness moves toward the development of

new sensory abilities to satisfy the desire to know

the error in expectations and thus survive.







Stylaster coral from China Straits in Papua New Guinea


We struggle in nets of conception

threading perception through ancient recall.



We are the Caverns of Sea's Remembering

reflecting our Journey

through the horizons of our own perceptions.

as we lift into new patterns of knowing.





A small reef fish, every cell in its body has never died and its memories track back through all the becoming of the coral ecosystem.



We learn to swim in many forms

we grow eyes

and a new level of knowing becomes visibility





We are the interplay of sea, air, shore and sun. Yet we are unbounded by our shores.

We rise above the islands as clouds, burst upon the land as rain.Flowers express the future of plants, sending sents, colors, beauty and seeds into the future.

As we flow back into ourselves

we dance Earth's atoms

with radiance from Sun

forming prismatic patterns

of one divided into many.

We are harmonic waves of communications

We are concepts weaving new patterns of awareness


We are a web of thought tangled with focal points of I AM.

The Full Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 Astronauts half way between the Earth and the Moon. I spoke with both Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmidt. Twenty years after they were the last men to walk on the moon the vision of the living earth fills them with glory.One web of communication

as wide as Sea

divided again and again

through all the eons of becoming

into all the threads of awareness

into all the concepts of perception

into all the focal points of learning

all nested one within the other

seeking together

extending the dance of sun and sea

Within This Magic Sea of Knowledge.