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A pattern of becoming

The Torus is a graphic shorthand. The lines around the man represent patterns of behavior, much like a management chart represents relationships between people in an organization.  You have probably seen a torus showing lines of force around a magnet, or magnetic lines of force around the Earth. I use the Torus as a model. It does not show lines of some mysterious force like magnetic fields, but relationships between an organism and the elements, energy and information the creature uses to create itself.

You appear at the vortex of the torus.

The lines of the torus represent the flow of information, energy and elements into you from a wide area.

Mind, (the ability to perceive, remember and respond on a multitude of levels; cellular, as a whole organism, as a member of an ecosystem), selects the direction and relationships of the flow of information, energy and elements within the focus of your body.

This change in flow and relationships of the elements, energy and information results in yourappearance and behavior.

Mind selects responses from available possibilities and directs the flow of energy, information and elements  outward from your location in specific directions.

The outflow of elements, communications and movements changes the content and context of the surrounding matrix of  information, elements and movements.

Mind  observes the impact of your responses and uses this information to adjust the next cycle as needed for survival.

The lines of the torus in the illustration seem to be the same flow lines entering and leaving the focus of the person, but in reality, they never recycle back directly, but are captured and transformed by the torus shaped processes of other systems. For example, the exhaled air, with its carbon dioxide, will pass through the torus system of a tree or other plant where the carbon dioxide is gathered in and oxygen released.


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