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To Be

The Most Basic Unquestionable Fact of Life, I Am.

To be, or what? A hermit crab peers out of his adopted shell on a Fiji reef, when the light is just right, you can see a single dark focal point in its compound eye. © https://www.thread-of-awareness-in-chaos.com/order.html

There is nobody else in the whole world just like you. Nobody else looking around from exactly where you are. Nobody who remembers the same things you do or reacts in just the same way you do. There never was. There never will be again.

We are all individuals, all different. We all perceive, remember and respond according to the special view we have of the world. All of us; Every person, every animal, every plant, every cell, every bacterium. It is one of the most basic reflections within This Magic Sea. You don't have to imagine this truth. You experience it. Simply close your eyes, relax and you will quickly understand that you are you, a focus like no other in the universe.

We think of this - in English - as the words I Am or, To Be.

Cells of a coral polyp look almost exactly like your own cells. Click here to find out more about coral communication webs © https://www.thread-of-awareness-in-chaos.com/order.html

If you examine yourself with a microscope, you will discover you are made of little cells.

They form every part of you, your skin, your hair, your teeth, your eyes, your blood, all your internal organs, including your brain. Each part of you is made of the joint efforts and behavior of little animals we call cells.

All the plants and animals you see around you are made up of little cells very similar to your own.

Nobody knew this until, in 1839, the botanist Mtthias Jakob Schleiden and the zoologist Theodor Schwann made the astounding pronouncement that all large plants and animals were, in fact, millions upon millions of cells. It took 20 years for the jeers and laughter to quiet down.Cells of a leaf look like, well, little boxes...© https://www.thread-of-awareness-in-chaos.com/order.html

Rudolf Virchow, in 1859 proved this remarkable fact and took it one step further when he demonstrated we are not only made of cells, all the cells are derived from a single fertilized cell by dividing and dividing again.

Seventy years later, in the early 1930s, biologists took cells from themselves and kept them alive in a separate heated culture dish with a plasma-like fluid. The cells relaxed their frozen pose, loosened up their little membranes and started wandering around the culture dishes, feeding, excreting, reproducing, and responding to stimuli. The scientists were astonished. Their own cells, supposedly little box-like affairs more or less like tiny building blocks, were really little creatures that looked for all the world like amoebas found in fresh water ponds, first described by a tailor in Holland two centuries earlier - in 1674.

Cellular biology became a major science, but the basic, mind numbing news that our bodies were a collection of independent little creatures was put on hold, glossed over, in the drive to learn more and more about smaller and smaller details of cells.

Here, then, is the most interesting and vital information about this discovery:

Each cell in your body is an individual, just like you. It perceives, compares its perceptions with its memory system, and responds as it should to stay alive. Same as you.

Each cell has its own mind. Poke one, it responds. But whatever one of your cells perceives or remembers or does is done within your form. It can't do whatever it wants. Every perception it makes is part of you. Every memory includes you. Every response takes place within you.

The cell can't perceive you or know what you are thinking about. It does the best it can and works together with all the other cells that are you.

All your cells originated from one cell that divided and divided again. They all have exactly the same capability, the same genetic information. They become skin cells or eye cells or nose cells or finger cells, and do exactly what they should for the kind of cell they become, because of the information they receive each moment telling them where they are in relation to the other cells of your developing body.

Cells live and die but you continue to exist. The cells lining the stomach replaces itself every 5 days, the skin in about a month, the liver in six weeks. Only brain cells stick around for as long as you do.

Your cells communicate with each other, passing electrons, radiation, molecules, and physical touches from one to the other and into and out of the whole system.

The communication network of all the trillions of cells working together IS you. The flow of information (including molecules) - tells the cells where they are and what form to take and how to respond. It captures elements from the surrounding environment, moves them through your focus and out again. The communication web of the cells causes you to look the way you do and think and see and remember and move.

You appear and maintain your presence as information flows through the cellular communication web.

Information and energy flowing through the communication network simultaneously creates you and your cells. You can see yourself and you can, with the help of a microscope, see your own cells. But you can't see the communication network or the information flowing through it. You can only see its results.


Here is the pattern to focus on-

  • Many small beings communicate with each other; trillions of messages continuously flowing through and between them. The information flows together into a single communication web.
  • The communication web processes the flow of information, weaving it together with information stored in memory throughout various parts of the system.
  • The processing results in the emission of new and different signals. These new signals are "emergent." They do not contain the same information that was received, but are a new and different set of information that is then sensed by the collective of small beings to direct  their next actions.
  • The communication web observes the effect of its signals by comparing the next set of information to the previous set. The cells never manage to get it quite right and the communication web has to send out a corrected set of instructions. And so on. Round and around.

Sound familiar? If you have come to this page via the Torus pages, you will recognize this as another example of the  4 phase thread of awareness process.

This is one of the key understandings of the fabric of life. This pattern is an absolute, easily observable, scientific fact, not a supposition or a hypothesis. It is a crucial understanding of how the four components of the Thread of Awareness in Chaos create beings.

One more time, small organisms communicate together and their communications create the form and function of a larger being. The larger being modifies the next set of communications of the small organisms.

Lets follow the thread deeper into the web of life.

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