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Bound for destinations of knowledge and understanding

The Andromeda Galaxy. 2.9 Million Light Years away, this image of M31 reveals an exploding awareness - ours. Human destiny is evolving from life's thirst for greater perception, memory and responsiveness.


Life's destination is a vanishing horizon, retreating before the advancing thread of awareness

as it learns new ways to gather, process and respond to information.


Individual beings - on the scale of a cell, a multicellular creature, a species, or an ecosystem - are embedded within a vast network of intercommunications.

Each being perceives itself as the focus of these forces, just as we see the path of sunlight on the sea coming directly into our own eyes.

Each being perceives other beings as individual entities separate and apart from its own focus..

The network of intercommunications creating all the beings, determining their relationships and their future, is beyond the horizon of any one's perceptions. But not beyond ours.

The thread of awareness is invisible to itself. We understand signals from the world around us, but not the systems we use to gather these signals, process them, or form an understanding in our minds. The mechanisms of sight are transparent to creatures with eyes. So too, the evolution of the thread of awareness is beyond the horizon of understanding because we are the process of becoming.

Desire is the driving force

Evolution has a driving force - the desire and the will to survive.

Survival depends on the ability to perceive changes in the surrounding environment, evaluate these changes, and respond - and then observe if the response had the desired effect.

Each individual being - bacteria, cell, multicellular organism, species - learns new ways to use its own abilities, based on its heritage of abilities, knowledge and relationships with other beings and systems.

Over the millennia, the thread of awareness has voyaged steadily towards the vanishing horizon of knowledge and understanding, with every new discovery leading to an expanding universe of questions.

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