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Hand Painted silk scarves

Hand Painted silk scarves from this Magic Sea

A Tree Shaped Torus

Trees are great visual examples of the torus 4 phase process of life because they begin and end with a network of branches - drawing in elements from the soil and energy from the sun and cycling them through the complex behavior system of the cells.

If you could see the water within the cycle of becoming that is a tree, you would see water flowing toward the tree in the soil, entering the tree through the roots, rising up through the trunk and out into the branches and into the air.

treeanm.gif (178521 bytes)

Water cycles through the tree like a fountain, carrying minerals that weave together in the pattern of cellular behavior to create the appearance of the tree. The water enters into each and every cell, becomes part of it, then leaves again, carrying waste materials on its journey.

Water, minerals, sunlight flow into the tree and it grows, branches out, produces seeds to carry on the behavior pattern to the next generation.





This, again, is the pattern of the Thread of Awareness.

1. Elements, energy and information flow into the being, captured by the organism's web of communications.

2. The being's perceptions, memories and responses change the direction and relationship of the elements, energy and information.

3. Causing the flow to branch out into patterns of behavior to form the basis for the next cycle of becoming.

4. Then a feedback control detects the results of each action (you can see trees tracking their responses by the use of time lapse photography). and modifies the behavior in the next cycle.

This pattern is true for every living process or being.

Take a few minutes to think about it - visualize information coming together from a wide area, entering into your focus, weaving together with your memories. The blend of memories and inflowing information result in your responding in one way or another and then testing this response to see if it worked.

Now here's another twist.

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