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Chart of the thread of awareness within This Magic Sea.

The double vortex shape is a cross-section of the inside of a torus.

The chart has three levels, each one deriving from and dependant on the preceeding one.

Level 1. On the first level, the pattern of becoming is

interaction, momentum, reaction.

To Be. The process of coming together into focal points of being. Hundreds of different kinds of subatomic particles flow together to create a single, unique pattern of behavior known as a hydrogen atom. 75% of the observed matter in the universe is hydrogen.

To Change. Hydrogen atoms compress together in the curved structure of space to form a Star. This results in something brand new and unexpected, omnidirectional radiation - sunlight - appears from the energy released when hydrogen atoms fuse into helium.

Atomic fusion in stars, especially when stars go nova, also constructs oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and all the other 96 naturally occurring elements. Radiation and elements are the change in change, generating a whole new level of becoming.

Spiral galaxy NGC 7742 is 72 million light years from Earth and 36,000 light years in diameter. Taken by the NASA Hubble Telescope.





Stars form and die in a pattern of interaction known as a galaxy.

The galaxies are part of one expanding universe made of billions of galaxies.

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