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Fact 4. The thread of awarenss is the element of surprise learning new ways to percieve the patterns of the world and reflecting upon itself.

Life has a new perspective, revealed by the common perception of humanity, perceptions reaching beyond the horizons of imagination to meet and sense itself upon the interface of chaos and beoming.

The Thread of awareness in chaos is a 3.4 billion year old creature blossoming within the atoms of the earth, in all the forms of awareness we see all around us and within ourselves.

We humans, with our extrasomatic memory system - language - have extended our sensory awareness far beyond the horizons of all other creatures of our planet - observing our world from sub-atomic interactions to the movements of galaxies.

This expanded awareness and understanding allows humans to actually observe the trillions of small cells creating our bodies and understand how we grow ourselves from egg to adult and pass on our immortal DNA memories through the ages.


Found your beliefs in the future upon this absolute truth. You can prove it to yourself at any moment - and our chances of survial and the survival of many other living creatures are much improved. For a summary of more facts, click here.

Read this magic sea again, it is the most complete summary save your perception of your own thread of awareness - when you need no summary for what you experience directly.