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Fact 3. Not one cell of your body has ever died.

You are 3.5 billion years old.

You were a single cell, a fertilized egg, and you grew yourself into a creature comprised of over 100 trillion small animals all moving and communicating in concert to weave your body, and your thoughts within the atoms of the earth. Your living memories, your cells and organelles came through your parents and their parents back through all the ancestors to when life first began. Not one single living cell anywhere in the world has ever died.

You can examine some of your own cells in a microscope, but you must rely on a century of medical research, photographs and extensive documentation to absolutely verify that you, and all people, and in fact almost all the plants and animals that you can see, begin as a single small creature (an egg, a seed) and then grew themselves by dividing and dividing again, constantly capturing the elements of the planet and changing them into themselves, and then releasing them again by both excretion and division.


Visualize this truth. See yourself as you were, a single sphere over a billion times smaller than you are now. All 100 trillion of the creatures that now form you came from that single egg. You grew your own body yourself, you maintain it yourself. Yet you have no idea how you managed to get the dividing cells to organize into yourself nor how you are getting all 100 trillion little animals that are your body to cycle earth atoms, maintain your breathing, coordinate your seeing, your reading, or your understanding. Yet you did grow yourself, and you are creating yourself within the atoms of the earth right now.

There is a mind system within you of astonishing harmony and complexity. Although you are not consciously aware of how it works or what it thinks, it is your mind, your awareness.

Your "conscious" mind is the communication phase of this greater mind - "you" are the "one" that talks to others and to yourself. You identify your "self" with this communicator, and have a name and base your self-identity on this and other words. But your consciousness is only a small aspect of the ancient communication web that weaves you - as you read this - from earth atoms.

The astonishing and most wonderous aspect of this truth is that the communication web, the mind system, your mind, has been sensing the world around it, growing more complex, advancing through learning new ways to behave, for 3.5 billion years.

Life is a continuous process existing within the matrix of earth's atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen for about 3.5 billion years. The atoms of DNA are constantly being replaced with fresh atoms from the planet, and this spiral weaving of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous has gone on since DNA first began to copy itself within it's specalized self-generated association.

The atoms of your body are the same ones that were here 4.5 billion years ago. Your DNA and every living cell and every living being on Earth today has never died and has a continuous, unbroken link to the entire 3.5 billion year memory of evolving into what life is today. It is this memory system that enabled you to build your self from a single microscopic egg and maintains you - every aspect of your being - from moment to moment.

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