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Hand Painted silk scarves from this Magic Sea

This Magic Sea

A biological exploration of what life is and how it evolved.

Understanding the phenomenon of life is like a mental hologram; comprehend one aspect of the process of life and you can expand your knowledge of life in an almost infinite number of directions.

There is a problem, however. Understanding the phenomenon of life has been evasive because our language and philosophical foundations polarize discussions about the process of life into either physical or spiritual issues. This polarization actively prevents our understanding of the process of life.

So, let's put those well beaten "serious" paths and polarizations aside and plunge into another, more entertaining and light hearted approach. Let's side-step our parochial human perspective and look at life from the viewpoint of life in the Sea. Think of it as a riddle, with the links leading off to clues on solving the riddle. Here it is.

A challenge from the creatures of This Magic Sea

The creatures of Sea challenge you to understand their Thread of Awareness from the viewpoint of each phrase, and as a threaded message connecting all the phrases.

The best way to explore This Magic Sea is to first read the entire message without clicking on any links so you have an overview of the subject. Each term in the menu is a highly compact summary of a whole area of understanding. Don't worry on the first reading if you can't figure out what is being said - and please try to read it through without agreeing or disagreeing or stopping to wonder about a particular phrase. The riddle uses familiar words, but their definitions may be unexpected.

After you read through the message click on the Magic Sea "menu" with photos. Or click on the little fish on the bottom menu bar. This expands the following menu with photos.

From the menu follow your curiosity through the links to find clues to the meaning of each phrase in the riddle. In each expansion of every phrase you will find cross links that allow you to navigate through This Magic Sea guided only by your own thread of awareness. There is also a site map on the bottom of every page. Go there to resume where you left off on your last exploration.

  Contents                                                                                                Definitions

We voyage This Magic Sea
bound for destinations
of knowledge and understanding

Beyond horizons of perceptions, we discover what we can not see or touch, but know only by its behavior.

We alter our field of perception, become new patterns of behavior.

We lengthen our interval of awareness, perceive new levels of change.

We appear, as we learn, To Be, To Change, To Have Direction

is one intercommunication within This Magic Sea.

We are the thread of awareness in chaos.

We are a crystal memory in a Magic Sea.

We are the image at the focus of awareness, as sunlight flows through the lens of mind.

We are life, and life is thought made visible

We are a web of communications clustered into focal points of I Am.
We appear as information flows through the webs of communications.
We are patterns of behavior
We are the dance of sunlight with the elements of Sea.

We are one acting as many,We are many acting as one
Each one a single awareness
seeking survival
One, divided again and again, into many focal points of learning.

Our constant change in relative position creates error in expected cycles.
When the unexpected happens, memory fails,
awareness awakens, adjusts for survival
always tracking
The error of expectations.
Distortion of expected cycles by constant change is the error of expectations.

Mind is what awareness does
Mind is perception, memory, response.
Perception, Memory, Response
Focus sunlight and sea
to form our crystal skeleton
Within This Magic Sea.

Each one of us knows awareness
at our own interval of change
But we change together on many levels
at intervals too fast, too slow, for any one to know.

Consciousness is communication between concepts existing
within the same interval of awareness.
Consciousness creates and is created by patterns of awareness who guide us.

Evolution is To Be Changing in a direction as awareness moves toward the development of
new sensory abilities
to satisfy the desire to know the error in expectations and thus survive.

We struggle in nets of conception
threading perception through ancient recall.

We are the Caverns of Sea's Remembering
reflecting our Journey through the horizons of our own perceptions
As we lift into new patterns of knowing.
We learn to swim in many forms
we grow eyes and a new level of knowing becomes visibility

We are the interplay of sea, air, shore and sun.
Yet we are unbounded by our shores.
We rise above the islands as clouds, burst upon the land as rain,
and as we flow back into ourselves
we dance Earth's atoms with radiance from Sun,
forming prismatic patterns of one divided into many.

We are harmonic waves of communications
We are concepts weaving new patterns of awareness
We are a web of thought tangled with focal points of I AM;

One web of communication as wide as Sea
divided again and again through all the eons of becoming
into all the threads of awareness
into all the concepts of perception
into all the focal points of learning
all nested one within the other
seeking together
extending the dance of sun and sea
Within This Magic Sea of Knowledge.

Hints for navigating This Magic Sea

Now that you've read the summary, have a look at the riddle again with the photo-menu

You can follow the development of thread from one page to the next in consecutive order by clicking on the right-hand fish on the menu bar on the bottom of each page. Click on the fish facing the other direction to go back a page and to the nautilus to return to the main menu page.

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The research vessel Moira is, at the moment, anchored in a remote bay in New Caledonia. Over the past few years Freddy and I created a series of tourism and cruising guides based on satellite imagery and aerial photos.

The idea for these projects came from my experiences with community science in the South Pacific and an interest in tourism as a sustainable industry for the small Pacific Island states. I had thought about it for years but was too involved with protection of the marine environment of the South Pacific. As a diving scientist I had witnessed, personally, the demise and destruction of coral reefs all over the world - and I felt this very personally. You can check out my efforts from the link above or other projects such as inshore and river conservation and renewable energy in the Pacific Islands. In 2000, with the collapse of world hope for protecting the oceans of our world (at least for 8 years) I realized that - then 60 - and despite my long association with the UN and Pacific Island Governments - I could not do much of anything over the next 8 years to make serious strides towards slowing or reversing the destruction of the world's coral reefs. Since then the world has slowly accepted the reality of global warming and the danger to many of the planet's ecosystems, including and especially the coral reefs. But I fear we have missed the last window of opportunity and that the results will be every bit as unpleasant and sad as was predicted at the turn of the century.

So I decided to concentrate on sustainable tourism and created the "Rocket Guide to Vanuatu".

This was a world first presentation of the tourism capability of the entire Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu - it was also the first time the whole tourism community participated in creating a utility to teach travel agents and wholesalers about Vanuatu tourism.

The Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu is a Windows and Macintosh electronic tourism guide to Vanuatu . It is created by Tellus Consultants , and the Vanuatu government.

The program starts off with a NASA satellite view of Vanuatu taken from orbit. You can rocket from one island of Vanuatu to another almost instantly and click on an island to see what's there and what Vanuatu activities are available.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has full details on Vanuatu hotels, Vanuatu resorts and Vanuatu accommodation on every island.. Most of this information is not available anywhere else. It's all organized so you can quickly see where every Vanuatu hotel and every Vanuatu resort is located. You will see aerial photos of the location and surroundings and images of the hotel inside and out, so you will be able to judge which Vanuatu hotel or resort is just perfect for your needs. The guide is not limited to Port Vila accommodation or Santo resorts and hotels or Tanna resorts and bungalows . It has information on accommodation on every island in Vanuatu.

If you want to organize a group trip to Vanuatu, The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu program has complete information on conference venues to help you organise a Vanuatu Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events in Vanuatu

You will find information on SCUBA diving vanuatu, vanuatu sport fishing, vanuatu sailing and international sporting events There is a whole section on how to get married in vanuatu , the best tours, and shopping, restaurants, car rental vanuatu   vanuatu weather as well as the less interesting but utilitarian information on Vanuatu visas and customs information, travel-tips, banking, in Vanuatu. You can even see the local time in Vanuatu in case you need to call to reserve your hotel room.

There are over 1400 high resolution Vanuatu photos, including 360 degree panoramic images of Vanuatu hotels, Vanuatu scenic places and the fabulous Vanuatu culture of these islands.

There are taxis, buses, and vanuatu car rentals in the capital city of Port Vila, and most of the larger islands. If you want to visit the other islands of Vanuatu you will need to fly there on Air Vanuatu's domestic flights in Vanuatu. And for the smaller islands, You will need to charter a boat, either a Game Fishing in Vanuatu or a vanuatu yacht charter, to visit some of the smaller Vanuatu islands.

Vanuatu is a popular cruising area for yachts, each year hundreds of blue water yachts from around the world come to Port Vila to tie up to Yachting World's marina and moorings. Many of these are super yachts, but most are small cruising yachts that stay for up to 4 months, visiting the outer islands of Epi, Malekula, Ambrym, Pentecost, Maewo, and the Banks Islands. Superyachts cruising Vanuatu can make all arrangements via South Sea Shipping. The best Vanuatu marine weather site to watch is on www.cruising-vanuatu.com.

Order a copy of the Vanuatu cruising guide for the very best cruising guide available for any sailing destination. This is, like the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu, based on satellite and aerial imagery of Vanuatu.

For the most fun adventuring and holidaying in vanuatu get a copy of the Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu program and plan your perfect vacation in the south pacific.

Next on the agenda was the development of a tourism guide to New Caledonia and a cruising guide to New Caledonia. And also a website on travel to both New Caledonia and Vanuatu together.

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia is a virtual new caledonia map ( or carte nouvelle caledonie ) that shows all of New Caledonia from space. But the program travel guide to New Caledonia is far more than just a map. It is a virtual atlas of tourism information about New Caledonia with over 700 tourism features located precisely on the satellite and aerial images. You can, for example, find any new caledonia hotel with just two clicks, plus there is a summary about new caledonia hotels and resorts that helps anyone plan a new caledonia vacation. It's not easy to plan new caledonia vacations - especially for people who don't speak French.

Most people have heard of new caledonia - or nouvelle caledonie as it is called in French. La nouvelle calédonie is located just 780 nautical miles east of Brisbane, Australia.

Setting up new caledonia holidays is confusing because the majority of websites about New Caledonia are in French and those which are not tend to concentrate solely on noumea new caledonia - and especially hotels in Anse Vata noumea new caledonia. Travel to new caledonia begins with finding out about flights to new caledonia and then, if the traveller wants to go beyond Noumea, also finding out about domestic flights in New Caledonia. New Caledonia visas are not required for most tourists, but it's best to check to be sure because travellers from some countries (like the US) - can only stay in New Caledonia for 30 days without getting a tourist visa before arriving.

The first step in planning a New Caledonia Vacation is deciding what KIND of a vacation you would like. There are several possibilities.

Anse Vata, in Noumea, is the International travel centre of New Caledonia. This is where you'll find the big Noumea hotels and resorts, fine restaurants, and a zillion things to do. Within a very small area - you can stroll along the waterfront promenade from Le Meridien to Le Mocambo in about 15 minutes and within this area are all the major hotels, all the New Caledonia conference venues, the majority of the New Caledonia restaurants, the best beaches, the Aquarium, shopping malls, Noumea weddings coordinators, new caledonia tours agencies, and casinos.

Noumea is also the gateway to the world's largest lagoon and second largest Barrier Reef. New Caledonia fishing boats,
New Caledonia boat rentals, yacht charters and boat trips
, new caledonia diving trips, are all organized in Noumea and all of the details on how to do this and who to contact are on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

But there is so much more to New Caledonia than Noumea and any visitor to New Caledonia should consider a short 20 minute domestic flight to the Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines). Isle of Pines New Caledonia hotels, resorts and other accommodation range from very expensive to camping. The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia shows all the accommodation of Isle of Pines on high resolution photographs, both from the air and on the ground - including 3D virtual reality tours of many of the resorts.

The Loyalty Islands are only a 40 minute domestic flight from Magenta airport in Noumea. There are three Loyalty Islands, Ouvea, Lifou, and Mare. Lifou is actually larger than the island of Tahiti and has only a couple of thousand people living on it. These are great holiday destinations and well worth a visit.

One excellent and relatively inexpensive way to discover vanuatu is Fly/Drive New Caledonia holidays essentially a round the island tour of Grande Terre - where the first stop is a new caledonia car rental agency. Or perhaps a new caledonia tours agency to arrange a round-the-island safari. Rental car new caledonia are only slightly more expensive than in Australia, so fly/drive vacations combined with camping, is the least expensive (and often the most rewarding) way to travel to new caledonia. The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has a special Fly/Drive holiday section with road maps, camping sites and New Caledonia accommodation, hotels and resorts on Grande Terre outside of Noumea.

On the Rocket Guide website you can even check on the long term new caledonia weather forecasts - because the weather in new caledonia makes all the difference between a good vacation and a great vacation. If you happen to be looking for an excellent Noumea Dentist click here.

New Caledonia travel info is available at travel information points throughout New Caledonia. You can quickly get information on most of the essential things you need to know for a New Caledonia holiday - such as the current rate of exchange of new caledonia money, the local new caledonia time and business hours, information on New Caledonia Internet cafés and New Caledonia Mobile phones - GSM New Caledonia,

There are a wealth of activities for visitors to New Caledonia - the French people of New Caledonia adore sports of all kinds and are very active. Which means that visitors will find all the facilities they could wish to enjoy themselves. For some sporting ideas see Sporting Events New Caledonia,New Caledonia Horseback Riding andNew Caledonia golf courses.

Superyachts love the world heritage site New Caledonia Lagoon and enjoy the pleasure of working with the best superyacht agent in Noumea - Noumea Ocean Yacht Agency. Chloe makes it easy for superyachts to cruise New Caledonia, resupply and deal with repair issues.

For a light hearted, fun excursion into the New Caledonia lagoon, check out the wonderful Mermaid Art by Merle des Isles.

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If you would like to see some photos of New Caledonia you might wish to visit the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia online photo librarys. These are divided into the following libraries of professional stock photo images (available for downloading)

Cruising guide to New Caledonia - Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie

The satellite image approach to understanding New Caledonia is especially useful to people who wish to visit New Caledonia aboard cruising yachts of people who with to charter a yacht in New Caledonia. The New Caledonia cruising guide shows detailed information on new caledonia anchorages new caledonia marinas,noumea yacht services, yacht charter noumea, superyacht services new caledonia, new caledonia weather and new caledonia ports.

High resolution satellite and aerial photography provide detailed nautical charts of new caledonia. These nautical maps of new caledonia
create a unique sailing guide for new caledonia that opens new possibilities for new caledonia yachting and yacht charter new caledonia .

The guide is in both English and French, with information on location bateau nouvelle caledonie, location bateau noumea, mouillages nouvelle caledonie, guide mouillage nouvelle caledonie

You can cruise the South Pacific aboard your own yacht, yacht charter in Australia to Learn about yachting and or charter a yacht where you intend to cruise and save yourself the time and expense of a lengthy passage.