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To Be Goes Cosmic

You talk to people. Everyone talks to each other. Together, the communications between all the people create a society.


A statue to DNA in downtown Sydney, Australia © https://www.thread-of-awareness-in-chaos.com/order.html

The communication web between people - including the spoken word, written word, art, music, drawing, science, religion - creates larger individual organizations that respond exactly like any other individual. A business, village, town, city is "incorporated" and this incorporation - formal (written down) or informal (based on spoken agreements) - results in the gathering together of energy and materials, weaving these together into gardens, houses, buildings, pathways, roads, styles of clothing, and machines. And evaluating how well these modifications match expectations.

It sounds strange to use the word creature or organism for a society or a city but the pattern of behavior is the same as for the other (smaller) levels of life. A better word for the individuals created by communication webs might be Concept.

Concept derives from the Latin words for Com = Together and Cept = Take. Each individual takes what it needs to survive but does so in a pattern of behavior with all the other individuals both larger and smaller than itself.

Concept also means a general understanding held by a group of individuals. You are a concept held by all the cells and the communications of the cells create you. The society is a concept, a general idea held by all the people who life with you, and the communications of the people create the society.

Societies are individual concepts existing on different parts of the planet. They communicate to form larger concepts called cultures. Like Western Culture, Eastern Culture, Polynesian Culture, Melanesian Culture. Cultures communicate with other cultures to form the global civilization.

It is worth noting here that societies and cultures are not limited to human beings. Cultures include the interaction between people and the plants and animals, the soil and rock, the sea, wind and rain.

We can, now, see 9 layers, 9 webs of communications making up the life systems of Earth. But the planet is only part of a still larger concept. Earth is a unique individual but it is part of a system of planets and a star, called the Solar System.

The Milky Way , a spiral galaxy 100,000 light years in diameter with 200 billion stars. The sun lies 20 light years above the equatorial plane and 28,000 light years from the galactic center. Drawn under the supervision of Knut Lundmark of the Lund Observatory in the 1940s.


And the Solar System is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, made up of the intercommunications of trillions of stars.

And the Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies that form the universe.


NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the rich galaxy cluster  Abell 2218 taken in April of 1995. Credits:  W.Couch (University of New South Wales), R. Ellis (Cambridge University), and NASA.


Each layer is completely different, but they all are based on the same pattern repeated again and again.

It is this single pattern - viewed as the 4 phase thread of awareness in chaos - that is the subject of this This Magic Sea..

We can sum this up with a map of the thread of awareness in chaos.

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