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The Torus Concept

This is a drawing of a torus, it is a doughnut-shaped three dimentional figure drawn by rotating an oval or a circle around a central axis. Click for more.

The Thread of Awareness is a pattern of behavior, like a fractal seed, unwinding within the matrix of a four-phase concept.

It is the process of becoming and looked at from your own viewpoint, it goes like this;


1. Elements and energies flow into you from the surrounding world. Think of air drawing into your lungs from the atmosphere, food and water flowing into your focus from the world around you, sunlight entering your eyes.

2. You change the direction and associations of the atoms and the energy around you, diverting them from their previous trajectories and associations into becoming you. Feel the oxygen from the air, the food and water entering your system and then your cells, weaving into your form, energizing you. Feel light impacting your eyes to create your vision of the world.

3. You then release atoms and energies in new ways, new directions, moving away from your focus. You then select pathways into the future and actively respond to continue breathing, gain more food and water, rid your body of wastes, and extend your existence within this magic sea.

4. That which is released from you, your words, your movements, your wastes, flows away from you, moving outward into the world and creating changes around you. The changes you create has an impact on what happens to you next. The difference between what happens as a result of your behavior and what you expected to happen is awareness. Your behavior creates a response from within yourself and from the world around you. You observe your own system and the world outside of yourself to detect if you are doing the right things to accomplish your goal and then the process begins again and you modify your behavior, if necessary, in the next cycle.

This pattern of behavior, the four phases of the torus, are divided into a flowing in, a change within your focus can a flowing out and a change in the surrounding world. And, most importantly, the creation of awareness by the degree of surprise.

This is easier to experience than explain. Virtually all living beings and all living processes manage to go through this same cycle. It is the essence of life. It sounds complex when put into the English language but even a bacterium does it.

A brittle starfish, a pentagonal torus. © http://www.thread-of-awareness-in-chaos.com/order.html

To gain a real feeling for this, try an experiment. Read the instructions for all six steps before conducting the experiment. (Note, if you have severe respiratory problems, do not do this experiment).

  1. Close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths holding each for a few seconds and then breathing out slowly.

  2. When you inhale, concentrate on the air moving into your lungs and into your blood.

  3. When you hold your breath concentrate on oxygen entering your cells and carbon dioxide leaving them and entering your blood.

  4. When you exhale, concentrate on the carbon dioxide leaving the blood and the lungs. Visualize it leaving you and mixing with the air around you.

  5. After you breathe out on the third cycle, do not breathe in again while you mentally slowly count to 20. Concentrate on your feelings as you count.

  6. When you get to 20, take a deep breath and notice closely exactly how you feel as you inhale, exhale, inhale again, and exhale normally.

Hey, seriously, give it a go - this is interactive and it does not work the same way if you just read and don't experience. In fact, the whole point of this exercise is to have a very special experience and you won't have it if you don't go beyond imagining.

When you are done, click here.


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