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Randomness and Synchronicity

Gaussian Curve of probability of events in life.

Our lives are filled with a range of events. Some are random and defy explanation, some are synchronicities that defy explanation. Between these two extremes, we have  a great bell shaped curve of experiences with the majority of the events of our lives clustered around the great median of normal experience; neither random nor wild co-incidences.

There are some important things to notice about this bell-shaped curve, first described by Carl Friedrich Gauss in the beginning of the 19th Century.



The polar relationship of the uncommon

First, it demonstrates that synchronicity and randomness are aspects of the same class of experiences, lying along an axis of probability. Seemingly random events, like the unpredictable jiggling of air molecules in a cloud chamber, are not random at all when seen from a different viewpoint. Even molecular randomness becomes an astonishing parallel trajectory when viewed from the perspective of the galactic center. Events that seem random to you or I become part of a larger trajectory when viewed from the perspective of history.

Synchronicities defy random chance and give us just cause to believe in destiny. But what seems a miraculous event to you will seem totally random to others with a different viewpoint. Most synchronicities require knowledge of a very special set of information before they have any significance beyond random chance. The chain of synchronicities detailed in log books one and two are examples of this. For example, the astounding appearance of a rare species of nautilus at just the time and place when we were trying to offload our daffy friend in Rabaul, PNG, was only astounding to Doug, Freddy and I. Not to anyone else in the whole world. The WorM experience meant nothing at all to anyone but Freddy and me. The events described in "Synchronicity" are uncanny - but only when you know their associations.

So, randomness and synchronicity

  • are polar opposites,

  • are unusual events in our lives,

  • exist because of a different point of view.

The Bell Shaped Curve

The other thing to notice is the bell shaped curve that Dr. Gauss described in such complete detail that we have not improved on his description since. Dr. Gauss was one of the few great geniuses of our planet. He noticed aspects of our world no one else saw. His mathematics discoveries broke the trail for Einstein's Theory of Relativity. His work on magnetism lead to telegraphy and eventually to all electronic communication. And the Gaussian, or normal, distribution curve describes almost every circumstance related to probability.

In any population of any creature, any characteristic - physical or mental - will vary according to the miraculous bell shaped curve. The curve itself is what is interesting. It is so exact we base many of our tests of statistical significance on it.

Where does the bell shaped curve itself fit on the axis between randomness and synchronicity? Certainly it was a wonderful synchronicity that Carl Gauss noticed this association. But, actually, the curve itself can't be described by the curve. It is a different class of event from the circumstances it describes.

A Pattern of Events

The curve is a pattern of events. We use the pattern as a simultaneous measure of both randomness and synchronicity. Patterns are part of the control system, part of the feedback, part of the guidance network fashioning the thread of awareness in chaos.

The bell shaped curve appears only with a twist of viewpoint from one system level to another, outside the events it measures. It is an artifice created by the language mind of humanity, but then the events and conditions it describes are also artifices created by other communication networks. Each network has its own way of detecting and describing and reacting to the Gaussian distribution between random chance and synchronicity.

That there is a great resemblance between the Gaussian Distribution and a Sine Wave and that the sine wave describes the relative trajectory of the error of expectations. This is probably not pure chance.

The Thread that connects

There is, however, one aspect that connects the events to the pattern. One link between the polarity of randomness and synchronicity and the distribution of these events of life and it is this.

They both require:

  • Focal points of inter-relationships

  • Change from one state to another

  • Direction of change

  • Different viewpoints

This is because these are the 4 prime characteristics of all intercommunication, the 4 phases of becoming, that are common to all patterns and events.  

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