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Map of This Magic Sea, Second Level

Level 2. When elements forged in stars fused into planets there was a new phenomenon - stellar radiation had something to hit. From the perspective of the elements on the spinning planet, stellar radiation moved toward the elements and pulsed as the planet turned. The pulsed intercommunication of stellar radiation with ancient stellar ashes generated a whole new level of becoming.

The elements absorbed and released energy and linked together to form complex molecules made of hundreds of millions of atoms. These created special micro-environments that altered the flow of energy through them. Eventually, one such system, made of millions of atoms of the most common elements - carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorous - learned to duplicate itself. Its ability to modify the atomic world to form copies of itself resulted in the creation of the first organism, probably a proto-bacterium.

At this point, Interaction, Momentum, Reaction became 

Perception,   Memory   , Response.


To Be became I Am.


To Change became Awareness.


To Have Direction became To Learn or to evolve.




Bacteria created something completely new and different,

communications and ecosystems - biologically created environments - resulted in the creation of a new and unexpected level of becoming.

Bacteria communicate to form cells and cells communicate to form multicellular organisms, each one a galaxy of hundreds of trillions of beings.

These galaxies of cells form an expanding awareness in a global web of communications; a spherical information network over 12,700 kilometers in diameter and about 20 kilometers thick.

Creation of Something New and Different, Awareness and Signals

On the  first level , when hydrogen first fused to form stars, omnidirectional radiation - light - was created. When the elements from exploding stars congealed into planets the radiation had something to hit and an entirely new level of becoming was created.

On the second level, when organic molecules interacted to create self-replicating organisms, a new kind of radiation was created, awareness. Like stellar radiation, created as an outflowing of energy from fusion, awareness is created by the fusion of communications between living beings and the world around them. 

One result of awareness was the ability to perceive, remember, and respond to other organisms. The ability to detect other creatures, under the pressure of the need to survive, created complex networks of signals.


The changes in the environment created by the outflow of elements and movements from the torus of each being became signals, full of meaning when they fused with the information systems of the living creatures. The use of the output of the torus as signals was something brand new and completely unique. This enabled beings to track themselves, their offspring, and other organisms through time.  The detection of signals outside the focus of the awareness producing them created the observer.

Signals are representatives of the beings that emitted them. The word communications means to make public, shared by all. When these communications entered into the torus of another being, or the same being at a later time, they resulted in changes in behavior. The being detecting the signal might, for example, recognize the signal as an indication it was or was not moving in the correct direction, or a signal might represent something to track down and absorb, or another being like itself to combine with, or a predator to avoid.

Communications controlled the behavior of living beings and thus altered the formation and distribution of the by-products of life - the ecosystems.

Communications are the guiding force of evolution.

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